On finishing exams and package nombre une

The wonderful news is that I’m FREE of exams, at least until next semester. There’s nothing like the feeling of walking out of the clinical school after just having palpated a breast, banged at a gentleman’s reflexes, and interrogated two patients about the juicy details of their gut. To be honest the whole hour went by in a nerve-wracking blur, which is usually what happens when your pulse is going at 150 bpm and adrenaline is literally pooling in your toes.

I’m exaggerating–it wasn’t that awful! The patients were all very nice, and the examiners didn’t stare at me too much, which is good, because being watched makes my skin crawl!

Friday night dinner was here:

Garage Cafe, on Berkeley St just opposite the Medical School at Melbourne University. They serve drinks and traditional Indonesian food, very reasonably priced ($9.50-14.50 for meals), and if you’ve got a flashy car you can park it inside and show it off ;D The toilets remind me of a more primitive age, however. Lol.

In other news, two out of three packages have arrived! The first was the most useful and therefore the least interesting item: contact lenses. If anyone is interested or thinking about trying lenses for the first time, I do recommend it! In early days, I too was totally freaked out by the idea of touching my eyeball, but taking them on and off gets super easy with practice. The most important thing is simply to make sure you keep them clean, because contact lens wearers do get more eye infections. (Funny thing is, male contant lens wearers get more eye infections than female ones.)

My optometrist recently switched me to Air Optix breathable contact lenses, which you technically can wear day and night for 30 days. Make sure you pick a new-ish brand, because they usually allow more oxygen to perfuse your eye. Another piece of advice I wish someone gave me: if the lens is uncomfortable when you put it on, take it out and try again. You may have something stuck underneath the lens which is scratching your cornea. Finally, change your contact lens case every few months to stop protein and bacteria accumulating.

Wow, I have managed to sound both boring and motherly. Still brushing up on these blogging skills.

I’ll leave you with a little something from this book:

“You like it?”
She smiled at him, making sure that the smile gathered up everything inside her and directed it toward him, making him a profound promise of herself for so little, for the beat of a response, the assurance of a complementary vibration in him. Minute by minute the sweetness drained down into her out of the willow trees, out of the dark world.
She stood up too, and stumbling over the phonograph, was momentarily against him, leaning into the hollow of his rounded shoulder.
“I’ve got one more record,” she said. “Have you heard ‘So Long, Letty’? I suppose you have.”
“Honestly, you don’t understand–I haven’t heard a thing.”
Nor known, nor smelt, nor tasted, he might have added; only hot-cheeked girls in hot secret rooms. The young maidens he had known at New Haven in 1914 kissed men, saying “There!,” hands at man’s chest to push him away. Now there was this scarcely saved waif of disaster bringing him the essence of a continent…

Damn you, Mr. Fitzgerald ! ! ! ;P



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