Midnight muse visits


Lying on a seabed back to the sand coral curling at my ears
I look up the world airless and fractured in ascending layers
of quavering luminosity
sometimes interrupted by quaint fish
curious for us, like we are curious for the world and for each other
We gasp out bubbles, release,
rise like rafts break the surface
gasp again, laugh again, eyes bright.

Eventide the world wan and sallow sinks below the horizon
The eucalyptus air pushes and pulls with the white callous breath of the moon
Grates clatter over hazy shop fronts
I am hazy with the day
burnt and suffused with the sun
I afterglow, lying on the jetty
You are a matching brown
We match the Earth invisible no one sees us.

Dreams vividly gryphons and sabre tooths and grizzlies
I possess an untamed mind believe I'll live forever young
Refuse a pay a home all deadlines
Uncomprehend tomorrow
Drink only your laughter taste only your salt
until you run dry like the bottom of a well
Greener pastures will be mine I scream
hurling sand in your lovely face.

Miss your hand upon my cheek
Miss your coarsely humming tune
Miss your sunburnt toes on mine
Miss the light behind your eyes
Miss the fractured glorious world we held above our 
sinking angel bodies, fish and us alone, held in
blue space for infinity I will stay there and sink
with you.

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