rhapsody (ˈræpsədɪ)

1. music  a composition free in structure and highly emotional in character
2. an expression of ecstatic enthusiasm
3. a literary work composed in an intense or exalted style
4. rapturous delight or ecstasy

As you can probably guess from the lack of posts, I have been on holiday! By this, unfortunately, I don’t mean I’ve been frolicking with dolphins and mer-men on the shores of some tropical island…it does mean, however, that my last exam was exactly 8 days ago and since then I have been thoroughly enjoyed what I do best: being a bum!

Since loosing myself from the shackles of medicine, I have…

…watched Transformers 3, which had lots of robots bashing one another up, shots of Blonde Girl’s buttocks, and a perennially hilarious Ken Jeong. Amazing special effects, laudable attempt at plot, and lessons on how to run in high heels during the destruction of the Earth whilst still managing multiple costume changes and maintaining flawless hair and make-up. A must see for all the ladies.

…watched Bridesmaids, also in the front row of the cinema. Less special effects so less tough on the eyeballs! Lots of laughs and gross-out moments.

…celebrated the end of an era with my beloved groupies.


…retreated with the Cobb & Co girls to Woodend where we had a refreshing couple of days in a beautiful old style farmhouse, complete with a crackling fireplace and four poster beds spread with patchwork quilts.

…experienced my first full-body massage with Mookxi and Tina. Even though, throughout the hour-long massage, I was a little nervous about where the lady would next put her hands, I would say I enjoyed it ;P I’d go back for more!

…made bread and pretzels with my surprisingly eager brother :D Sorry for the bad quality of the photos!

I used an online recipe for German-style pretzels, and Jamie Oliver’s guide to making bread in his Naked Chef cookbook =)



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