Being a Gleek

Short post.

OK, so last night I watched about five eps of Glee in a row and finally finished Season Two. So now I am up to date. I like Glee because it’s boppy, it makes me want to dance, it’s got some decent one-liners, and it’s great to cycle along to.

I was thinking, though…(spoilers alert!)

Those Glee kids aren’t gonna win Nationals till at least, like, Season 5. If the show gets that far. Because once they win, the shows over. What’s going to happen after Nationals? It was, and is, the ultimate goal and the endpoint of the series. There’s no going back to the start after that.

I doubt even the continually changing love pentagons and gender bending couples will be able to carry it beyond a Nationals win. It’s inevitable: its final victory will be its final demise :-O


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