If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly — G.K. Chesterton

I know that one of my greatest fears is rejection.

If I’m not sure of attaining something, chances are I won’t work up the courage to try. I admire people who seem to be entirely thick-skinned — apparently without regard for what others think of them. I’m not aiming for such an extreme, but I know it would benefit me to learn to care less about the opinions of others.

(I believe I’ve made progress on the past few months: I now have the courage to say whatever’s on my mind…and then I spend the next couple of hours regretting my words ;-P)

A fear of rejection or failure keeps us from doing a lot of great things. Applying for that position or award. Telling your parents the truth. Confessing to someone how you feel.

A well-circulated piece of advice for writers is to write as often as you can, even if you don’t like what you’re putting down on the page. After all, you can edit bad writing. You can’t edit no writing.

Maybe a lesson for me to take on board is to give up the habit of writing only when the mood hits. Instead, it should be a daily routine; an automatism; a job, even.

On a different note…I heard something recently that made me feel a bit disenchanted. My mum told me about a missionary pastor who did something terrible against his family and his own morals. He was of course dismissed from the church at which he was employed, but he has left his wife and kids for good.

I felt shocked and angered by this dude. Mostly it was because of what he’d chosen to do, but it was also because, out of all people, he really should have known better. He was a missions pastor. He taught people how to live. Heck, I probably listened to his words of wisdom and nodded in accordance.

I think it’s the hypocrisy that really hit me. And the fact that no one, not even the seemingly best of us, gets much far away from the slippery slope.

I hope that, as I go through life, I’ll find that not everyone has a dark side. The world would be a sadder place if that were so.

At least I’m sure that what he did was definitely something not worth doing. Heh.





  1. I think it’s inherent in our human nature to want to be accepted and included and hence it is my belief that the fear of rejection is a common fear that we all have, even if we don’t always vocalise it or admit it to ourselves – so good on you for identifying it and congrats on the progress you’ve made :). I’m still a work in progress too :).

    Re: writing, perhaps give this challenge ago? –> http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2011/10/01/the-challenge-is-75-complete-ready-for-national-novel-writing-month/

    Regarding that last point, it is sad to see that sort of thing happen and it’s even more tragic to know that it’ happens way too often than it should. I guess it does go to show that we all need to be alert to the temptations that will get thrown our direction and remove ourselves from situations where those temptations may manifest themselves. I’m sure that circumstance didn’t just happen overnight… I believe that we’ll never be completely immune from temptations or sin (because of the sinful world we reside in), but those without the ‘dark side’, will be the ones that surrender it all to God, depend on Him completely and adhere to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

    Whoa, sorry this turned out to be a really long comment ^^.

    In short, great points raised and excellent post! xo


    1. Dear Amy,

      Thanks so much for that insightful comment :) You raised a good point about how it probably “didn’t happen overnight” and I suppose the main thing is to be aware of our own shortcomings and weaknesses…and ask for help.

      I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of people without a “dark side” ;-P I hope not to hear another one of those stories anytime soon, though!

      Keep up your wonderful blogging, too :)



  2. Found your blog via FB, enjoyed reading the posts. Where do you get time to read all those books? I only read novels during the semester breaks or else I’d be up into weird hours of the night and never make it to hospital the next day.


    1. Yeah I struggle to find time during semester! Usually it’s in the ten or so groggy minutes before I fall asleep…if I had it my way I’d spend my weekends lying in the sun with a book ;-P But alas, hospital intervenes.

      I checked out your blogs too…those tails and bites and travels. The header on those tales is gorgeous. Really liking your writing. Hope you don’t mind if I link you!



  3. My ten minutes before I sleep always turns into hours of reading into the middle of the night. Seems that I don’t have great self control when it comes to reading novels :p Thanks, I got the layout from some site haha too lazy to make my own. I’ll link you too ;)


  4. I think one of my greatest fears is fearing things ! And yes you’re right, fear rejection does prevent us from living life and doing things. You put out an encouraging message ! I think Thomas would benefit from reading your blog. Luckily I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to writing. Now when it comes to cooking on the other hand .. it has to taste good or I chuck it in the bin, or maybe Bel will eat it X-D. Joking, joking. Sometimes I am. I don’t know. I think i’m quite used to ‘failure’ that it’s easy enough for me to accept rejection. I’m not being self-pitying or anything but it’s true ! I just move on to the next challenge.

    As for the other thing, it’s horrible to hear and I imagine, very disheartening. Humans are capable of so much bad as well as so much good. It’s scary isn’t it ? I concur with Amy’s point.


  5. I don’t know what the priest did but arn’t we supposed to forgive him? Enact the punishments that need be but I dunno, I just always thought you should try to punish the sin and forgive the man.

    Also I think its important to have a dark side. by knowing the darkness in ourselves we can understand the darkness in others and it leads us away from hating the monsters in our world and more towards pitying them.


    1. You’re right. I suppose it’s difficult to forgive when the pastor has made a continuing life choice with continuing repercussions but yeah, I don’t know the whole story.

      Depends what you mean by a dark side. I’m assuming you don’t mean the torturing fluffy animals type. I feel like everyone inherently has a dark side, from birth. It’s not something you can completely get away from.

      I like your point about the monsters in the world.


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