Grace Le Fay’s What’s Hot and What’s Not

I hardly ever blog about fashion, but I thought I’d give it a go! Here are five slightly dorky trends that I love…and five no-no’s that send a shudder down my spine :-P


1. Navy anything

I’m a little biased since navy blue is my absolute favourite colour, and I will throw myself bodily at any passing navy blue duffel coat. I like navy because it’s simple, classy, and understated, but a shade more interesting than Melbourne black.

2. Cuffed trousers

No! Please! Don’t show your ankles…I won’t be able to resist you!

3. Nude lipstick

This looks good on other people ;-P I’ll attempt it one day!

4. Loafers & boat shoes

Yeah, they’re a little bit ugly. But there’s something about their straightforward functionality that makes them attractive. Hi, I’m a loafer. I don’t need heels, or bows, or even a pointy toe to make you like me. I’m cushy and flat and don’t you just want to pop on a pair of cuffed trousers and stick your foot into me and then have cucumber sandwiches on a yacht?

5. Red hair

Hugely underrated. If I could be reborn, I’d be a redhead. So many blonde celebrities go from pretty to amazing when they go red!


1. Hot pink anything

I’m not saying I’ve never worn hot pink before…just saying it’s not the best colour to pick if you’re aiming for classy :-P

2. Guys in short sleeved shirts

These should be illegal, even for supermarket workers.

3. Anime eyes contact lenses

Your eyes are so ridiculously pretty, they’re freaking me out.

4. Belt chains

Do you suffer from an internal existential crisis, the only cure for which is to physically attach yourself to your own body, by a chain? No? Then please refrain.

5. Excessive layering

It’s a temperate day outside…so I think I’ll wear a long top over a skirt, over a pair of patterned leggings, with my favourite pair of furry boots. And a cardigan. Plus this flowery scarf. And I’ll roll my sleeves up and wear some arm warmers!

Don’t do this to me! My mind cannot process you as a single entity when you are wearing so many articles of clothing!

Thanks for stopping by! Will try to update this blog more often this year, with updates on my December/January travels to Malaysia, Hong Kong and Samoa. Do visit again, my pretties :)






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