Jennifer’s $450 Mars crystal neck cream and why that means the world can’t be right

An article today reports that Jennifer Aniston spends about $400 a day to maintain her fine looks. This adds up to about US$141,000 a year.

Breaking it down…

  • Laser peel surgery – $295 per session
  • Euoko Neck Cream, made with crystals from the planet Mars (?!?!) – $450
  • Mila Moursi Rejuvenating Serum – $350
  • Haircut with Chris McMillan – $600
  • Hair highlights – $320
  • Private yoga sessions – $900/week
  • Nutritionist – $300/hour
  • And much more…

Just to get things straight: I’m not a Jen-hater. I adored Friends to the point where I wailed like a baby in the final episode. I thought she showcased her great comedic skills as Rachel and was hilarious as a sex fiend in Horrible Bosses.

However, this article was a concrete reminder of what a ridiculous sum of money famous people actually make. It kind of says something about our world when the people we lavish with our admiration are those who work in the entertainment industry. Actors, singers, musicians, socialites. We festoon them with our attention and our moolah.

I’m not saying that the entertainment industry doesn’t have its role. I’m the last one to give up my movies, TV shows, books and music. But it has become a statement of our society that these are the people we look up to, who we uphold as successful, as role models, as ideal human beings.

The other day, I think someone was talking to me about how civilisation has come a long way and, in general, our world is “good.” I think I agreed with them. But this was a bit of a reminder to me that most of the time it’s the things we regard as normal, that we overlook, gloss over, regard as harmless–those are the insidious things that keep us from bettering the world we live in.

I’m sure you can think of at least one other person more deserving of all that money and celebrity.


One comment

  1. It’s not just celebrities that spend heaps on maintaining their looks. I remember starting work and my boss showing me this brand of facial products where 1 small tiny tub of eye-cream is around $200…and people buy that stuff!


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