Artist to watch: ZHU


Faded was the first track I heard from this relative newcomer, and I was instantly blown away by his grunge-y, mellow sound. I had the tune on replay for hours.

Since appearing on the music scene a few months ago, ZHU has ridden a wave of surging popularity. After releasing a couple of samples like his mash-up “Moves Like Ms Jackson“, and the singles Faded, Paradise Awaits and Superfriends, he’s quickly put out his full Nightday EP and made his followers very happy.

ZHU’s intrigue might be fuelled by the fact that he’s so mysterious. All I managed to dig up about this guy was that his name is possibly Steven Zhu and he’s based out of Los Angeles/San Francisco. But with taglines like “Music is Faceless” and “let my music tell my story” and the fact that he’s kept his face hidden…has ZHU tapped into the secret to success in our celebrity-saturated world?

His logo—three brisk stripes of white paint on a black background, a Z made into a semblance of a flag—is enigmatic. The artwork for his songs generally features long-legged girls behind a haze of smoke. His music is growling and bass-heavy, mixed in with lighter disco elements, and haunting vocals.

Given how quickly his name has spread around, I have no doubt ZHU is one to keep an eye on in upcoming months.

Check out ZHU’s Nightday EP at Soundcloud.


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