Top 6 Happiest, Poppiest Remixes to Brighten Your Day

Good morning world!

OK, so my original intention was to make this a Top 5 list…but I couldn’t bring myself to cut any of the following six songs out. So here you go! Six fantastic remixes that never fail to make me tap my toes, bop, sing along and smile crazily at the world.

There will always be disagreements about genre, but to me these are all songs that have some “pop” elements – an upbeat tempo, light vocals and catchy melodies.

1. Fly – Protohype ft. Alina Renae (Louis the Child Remix)

Louis the Child’s signature cheerful, poppy sounds + Alina Renae’s vocal stylings + lyrics that will make you want to punch the air = a great song to start the day


2. Idea of Happiness – Van She (Robotaki remix)

I love Robotaki‘s style. He makes stuff that’s funky and laid back and happy. This is one of my favourites.


3 . Miami 82 – Syn Cole (Fusq Remix)

There are so many remixes of Miami 82 out there, not least of them being Avicii’s, which helped Syn Cole gain attention. I’ve been a fan of other stuff by Fusq (previously Fusk Asker), and I think his remix is wonderfully catchy. Also make sure you check out the original vocal mix and the more chill and groovy Jerry Folk remix.


4. Duck Sauce – NRG (Skrillex, Kill the Noise, Milo & Otis remix)

This song. So much NRG. So pumpy. Yes. Good.


5. DJ – Alphabeat (Madeon Remix)

Madeon, boy genius. I have probably listened to this song a hundred times, but every time that intro starts, and that dude sings “something I can dance to…” – how can I disobey? This song is a classic in my books.


6. Oh Be Clever – Next to You (Elephante Remix)

After listening to the lyrics closely, I realised this song might be about a crazy stalker. I still love it though.

Merry Friday to all :)


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