Movie Review – X-Men: Days of Future Past


What is with the onslaught of sci-fi/action/adventure movies coming out lately?

Not that I’m complaining, but…physically, I can’t keep up! Robocop, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Transcendence, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow…One of my online course instructors pointed out that most people are fans of science fiction without even realising it, and it’s true: science fiction and fantasy movies constantly dominate the box office.

I struggled to find the time to fit in a viewing of X-men: Days of Future Past, but I wanted to see this movie so much that with much dedication we squeezed it in between work, food, sleep and more work. We chowed down our dinner. We bought a banana choc top (the best kind) and marched into the theatre with a sense of great anticipation. I had thrills. This was movie-watching excitement at its best.

Last decade I followed the X-Men 1-3 movies with enthusiasm, and more recently I thought First Class was a well-made exploration of the early lives of Professor X and Magneto. (Origins and The Wolverine were both a little disappointing in different ways, although the latter had a decent standalone story.)

So how did I find X-Men? Well, my expectations were pretty sky high, and it’s safe to say the movie didn’t disappoint.



  • Decent action scenes. You get thrown into the action pretty much straightaway. Before you even really know what’s going on, there are flaming people and element-shifting robots having a punch on. Don’t worry about feeling confused though, because the movie is ridiculously easy to follow: the characters explain every plot point and change of motive as they go along, which I’ll mention further below…
  • Amazing special effects. I could point out a few scenes here but it’s better if you just watch it :)
  • Interesting new heroes. Of course, along with half the internet, I have to gush about Quicksilver (Evan Peters), the super speedy kid who gets recruited to help rescue Magneto, and his scene-stealing performance. Although I was really doubtful when I saw the pre-release pictures, I ended up really liking the way they styled his character: the silver hair, goggles, Pink Floyd t-shirt and space-age jacket. It suits his personality and doesn’t try too hard. I also must mention Blink (Fan Bing Bing), who can teleport herself and others through these awesome pink portals. Also she’s Asian and has purple hair and green eyes.
  • A solid storyline: go back in time, stop a pivotal event. They didn’t make things too fancy, though it could have got convoluted with the collision of past and future. It felt a bit Inception-y towards the end there.



  • Clunky dialogue in certain scenes. This goes hand in hand with the point I made above about having characters reiterate every step of the story. It didn’t leave much to the imagination. A couple of conversations had me cringing a little when they felt too forced.
  • A couple of plot inconsistencies…which I wish I could discuss but cannot without spoiling!
  • Generally corny jokes. The genuine laugh out loud moment was, of course, the slow-mo scene. Best.
  • Featuring fewer female leads. Really, it was only Mystique who got a kick-ass role :( Jennifer Lawrence, why do you get to be so awesome?

If you want to clarify the timeline of the X-Men Movie Universe, here are a couple of links to check out (spoiler alert – watch the movie before you click these!):

Official Fox tie in website:

X-Men Movie Visual Timeline:



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