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Check out my review of Edge of Tomorrow (2014) on the awesome movie review blog, Filming You In!


Edge of Tomorrow
is fast-paced and punchy. It’s headlined by two big names: established action hero Tom Cruise and rising English star Emily Blunt. There are robotics and giant swords and glowing alien special effects. But let none of the flashiness detract from the fact that this movie is the essence of science fiction. It takes an interesting premise and asks: what if…?

Based off the Japanese novel All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka (which I desperately need to get my hands on), Edge of Tomorrow depicts an Earth that has been at war for five years with aliens called Mimics. William Cage (Cruise) is a major in the United States Army who shies away from the frontlines and prefers media relations—he talks of heroism and victory and encourages people to enlist in the fight against the Mimics.

Through a couple of unwise choices, Cage ends up stripped…

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