The Maze Runner (2014) – Grace.C

Spoiler-free review of The Maze Runner.



The Maze Runner has a great premise. A boy wakes up inside a rickety elevator with no memory of who he is or how he got there. The elevator dumps him in a glade in the middle of an enormous maze, where he finds himself amongst a group of other boys who have come to the glade in the same way, with no memory of their past lives except for their names.

Released on 19th September 2014, the film is an adaptation of the 2007 young adult dystopian novel by James Dashner, and stars an ensemble cast of wide-eyed, artistically-grubby, good-looking young stars. Dylan O’Brien portrays the main character, Thomas, who never really settles into the civilisation of the Gladers, but is mesmerised by the mysterious, looming presence of the maze. We are tantalised by the information that the maze is guarded by the deadly creatures known as ‘grievers’…

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