Fury (2014) – Grace.C

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fury-slice-five-new-fury-clips-brad-pitt-michael-pena-and-shia-lebouf-look-intense-in-war-flickFury is part action-adventure movie with tanks, and part anti-war movie that depicts the horrors of World War II. The first thing you’ll notice about this movie is that it is very quiet. There is no booming soundtrack to buoy us into an emotional high as we watch bullets flying across the screen. Instead, we hear the heavy clank of artillery being loaded into guns, the tinkle of a soldier pissing into a can with four other guys around him, and the squelch of the tank’s treads grinding a nameless, already pulp-ified corpse into the mud. We see terror twist men’s faces and sweat bead down their brows. It’s not a pretty movie.

It is 1945, and the Allied forces are making a final push into Nazi Germany. We the audience live the story through the dewy eyes of Army typist Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman), who is unwillingly assigned to…

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