A Tale of PLC

A Tale of PLC is a half-written story penned 7+ years ago by a bunch of insane private school girls. Here it is once more in its original, unedited, cheesy glory. For old time’s sake.

The Story? A private school is invaded by terrorists, and all the students are made hostages, hideaways or dead. Sounds morbid, but is actually more of a comedy :D Includes references to guns, poo, bombs, pubes, nerds, cars, wombats and Mrs. Hunter.

Chapter 1 { Grace }
Chapter 2 { Kat }
Chapter 3 { Amanda }
Chapter 4 { Mel }
Chapter 5 { Megan }
Chapter 6 { Grace }
Chapter 7 { Kat}
Chapter 8 { Amanda }
Chapter 9 { Mel }
Chapter 10 { Megan }
Chapter 11 { Grace }

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