Chapter Five – Megan

A loud sigh was let out from Yasmin as I gave her yet another update on the urgency of my poo.

“You’re becoming like Wei minn, but instead of letting your stomach rule your head, its your poo,” she snapped.

“…Sorry…but my stomach really hurts…And I need to fart.” At once, as if there were FREE items lined up against the wall, everyone rushed to squash themselves into the opposite corner, preparing themselves for bomb-like eruptions. However, two machine-gun like farts ruined the climax…And filled the air…

“THIS is not good…” Jeena breathed out whilst trying extremely hard not to breathe in.

“OHH man. I’ll go with you.” Ness groaned.

“What about MEEee?! Triplets never part!” Jess said as she squashed herself snugly between Ness and I.

“Err…I’m just going to poo.”

“What do you mean, JUST going to poo?! More like going to SUICIDE!” Katrina said through ragged breaths. “They could be ANYWHERE!”

“Don’t worry guys…girls…transsexuals (looking at Jess)…if we’re not back in half an hour…I’m either seriously constipated, or…they’ve caught us. But!! Don’t fret, for with my samurai-like moves, we’ll be back here in no time…If not…refrain yourselves from trying to save me…they can’t know that there’s more of us.”

“Okay…but you must take care…” Sarah-Jane said in her protective-man voice.

“Don’t worry…we will.” Ness murmured to assure herself. She gently opened the door, peeked outside then motioned for Jess and I to follow.

“Follow me!” Jess squealed. Resembling Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, she TRIED to somersault across the change rooms, stood up, looked around, then dropped onto the floor and rolled toward the toilets. But as she got up, pubes/pee/poo and used toilet paper infested her face.

“Ohhh-kay…” Ness said with an air of arrogance. She then simply walked across the room and hid herself behind a toilet. Jess followed after.

As I closed the door, I heard a desperate Katrina yell out for us to remember her and to stay alive. For them, I will…I promise. Most of the times, my promises are broken. But this time I was certain I would keep it. Even if it meant losing my freakish Maria Sharapova look-a-like legs.

“MEGAN! Do your shit already!” Ness loudly whispered from behind the toilet. I quickly ran towards the same toilet they were at and breathed a sigh of relief whilst sounds of plops and splashes filled the air. After having cleaned my bum, I realized that Jess hadn’t moved from behind the toilet.

“EWW!!” she screamed as she furiously wiped the ‘dirt’ from her face.

Before I could give an apology, voices boomed from outside.

“I needa piss!” The door slammed open and the stomps of heavy combat boots echoed in the room.

“Look! Someone’s in here.” I heard a womanly voice whisper. A minute of silence then followed.

POW POW. A huge hole now was the door’s substitute for a lock. BIP! We were trapped. I frantically tried to think up of some kick-ass plans like the Goddess, Lucy Liu, but I could only manage one. Knowing Ness would rather give herself up then seeing me being captured, I bashed her head against the toilet seat. To my relief, she fell unconscious. I then hung her anorexic body on the hook behind the toilet door. Before I could get to Jess, to my dismay, she had already opened the door and was trying to fight the two terrorists on her own.

“Grab the other!” an Usher-look-a-like man yelled. At once the woman terrorist came raging towards me. Pain seared throughout my body as she hurled me against the change room benches. From across the room, I could hear her huffing like a bull, psyching herself to finish me off. At once the scene transformed itself into a WWR match. I, Queen Megan, was being beaten by a SOHL! NEVER! I immediately rolled myself off the bench as she charged toward me, sending her crashing into the clothes hangers.

“HEEEEEE-YAR” Jess screamed as she performed an impressive roundhouse kick. However, Jess was no match for the Usher-look-a-like, for he simply grabbed her in-motion leg and flung her aside.

Unable to control my nurturing-instincts, I rushed at Jess, patting and asking her if she was all right.

However, I was to abandon Jess as Usher-wannabe shoved a revolver at my head.

“Don’t move.”

Unexpectedly, the backdoor opened and out popped Katrina’s head. As soon as she saw what was going on, she tried to slam the door. But she-man had seen her and prevented the door from shutting tight. Seeing that it was useless, Katrina, frightened but determined, came out from behind the door and used her arms as weapons, bashing randomly at anything that was in her way. Jeena, having seen Jess and I bruised and bullied, uncontrollably flared her nostrils, tied on her bread-maker bandanna and started throwing the goggles and spare swimming caps Katrina had taken ‘for they could come in handy one day’ (stolen for her own use) at she-man.

POW POW. Two gunshots halted the commotion.

“NOBODY MOVE.” Usher-man yelled. He then pointed his gun randomly at each of us. Satisfied we had followed his orders, he loosened his grip and motioned for she-man to cuff Jeena, Sarah jane and Yasmin.

“Take them to Shadowblade headquarters. I’ll follow with these three troublemakers.” Having only one gun, Usher-man grabbed Katrina by the collar and thrust it against her neck.

“Cause anymore trouble…And this one gets it.,” he warned as he stared coldly into the eyes of each one of us. At once we were led into the cool summer night air. After hours in that cooped up room, we were grateful for the small breezes like a mother is to a stranger for finding her lost child. However, as we left, I could not stop worrying about Vanessa. She had no clue to what has become of us and worst of all, I had left her. Alone.

As my friends reluctantly trudged in front of me, I looked around, savoring all the sights of PLC. It never occurred to me that I would have so many personal attachments to this expensive hole. The P.E center was like second home, all those lunchtimes spent running down to play badminton, tennis, basketball. Whatever took our fancy during that particular time. The enormous oak trees that we spent our ugly year 7 year running around as we played cops and robbers. And all of it was about to be ruined. The laughter. The memories. Gone. And all for one man’s selfish want to rule the world.

“Walk any slower and I’ll blow your brains.” Usher-man snapped. I turned my gaze away from the shadow of the oak trees, but not before witnessing three familiar figures. One resembled a wombat, another like a pixie and the third…just plain strange. Who were they?!

We were led to the Breezeway, where snakeskin-shoe man was busily conversing with the heads of the other units.

“Sorry to disturb you boss, but we found these six hiding in the men’s changeroom.”

Snakeskin robotically shifted his glance toward us and looked at us up and down, checking out Jeena’s body in the process.

“Place them with the others in the food room.”

Before being pushed toward the science labs, I managed to catch a glance of what had become of Wysleskie Hall. Rows of PLC girls filled the room, scattered amongst them were fully clothed men in black. I amazed myself for I was able to spot Jo, Alice, Cindy and others among the flood of 400 bodies. A small feeling of relief surged through me. At least they were still alive.

“Where’s Ness?!” Yasmin whispered. Once again I was reminded of my foolishness to have left Ness by herself. Searching for a sign to leave behind, I tore at my gold cross necklace, coughing to cover its echo as it hit the hard plastic floor. PLEASE be safe…

After hundreds of hits and prods up the ass by the gun, we finally reached the food room.

“There’s not enough room!” She-man protested.

“Wake the others up. We’ll cuff them all to the balcony.” POW POW. As the gun crackled, I saw figures randomly littered on the floor start to move sleepily.

“WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!! COME ON!! MOVE IT!!” Usher-man yelled. Groans and moans (don’t think sick) were heard as the figures pulled themselves off the ground.

“WEI YAN!!” Katrina screamed as she threw herself at her. Feelings of happiness, excitement and eagerness filled me as I realized that these were my good friends. That my good friends were safe, they were alive. Never in my life was I so joyful to see Ainslie’s bush head, to hear Susanne’s mouse voice and to see the glasses of my nerdy friends, Grace, Wei minn and Wei yan still intact.

However, our reunion was short-lived as She-man and Usher-man mercilessly seized us and cuffed us to the balcony railing.

“Don’t be a hero.” Usher-man warned as Susanne tried to wretch herself free. The same message was applied to each of us as we all hopelessly tried to free ourselves from their grasp. The only time he remained quiet was when cuffing Wei minn, who seemed to be still sleeping…and drooling.

Until they were satisfied we wouldn’t be able to escape, the two terrorists exited the scene, leaving the eleven of us to ponder on how we could obtain the one thing we all craved the most. Freedom.


“Do you think its safe to come out now?” Melanie whispered with a twinge of urgency in her voice.

“Uhh…Steph…check if its safe.” Yan muttered. No reply.



“OH-kay!! She’s fallen asleep…Sze?”

“Yea Yan?” Sze responded A.S.A.P

“Check if its safe. I think Mel needs to piss.”

“Needs? You mean IS pissing.” Mel snapped. A locker door ever so softly screeched open as Sze examined the lab corridor.

“Its clear…I think its best that we go together. That way we’ll always be in this together.”

Resembling poo from a bum, Mel, Sze and Yan popped out of their hiding spots.

“We gotta wake up Steph!” Sze loudly whispered. At a distance, steps were beginning to sound.

“There’s no time! Carry her!” Mel screamed softly while jogging small steps.

“I’ll carry her.”

Mel raced up the stairs, followed by Sze with Steph on her back, piggie-back style. However, Yan was delayed. In the corner of the staircase, a glittering object caught her attention. It was a golden cross necklace. This looks familiar…

The flashback was set in the Chinese classroom. Mr Wang read out from the Chinese textbook as a rare few listened. Amanda was sticking her head in between Jing Jing and Jeena, trying to join in the conversation they were having about gross guys from their Chinese class. In the backrow, Yasmin was laughing hysterically as Sarah Jane yelped and squealed as Yasmin tickled her. Next to them, Janine was edging away from Lydia as she declared she wanted Janine to be her homo partner. And in the middle of the room, sat Megan…kissing and admiring her golden cross necklace…

Yan shoved the necklace into her pocket and ran up the stairs before a flashlight beamed down the corridor. She caught up with Sze and Steph, who was now fully awake.

“Mel’s nearly finished.” Sze said. But the words simply floated by Yan.

“You alright?” Steph asked.

“I’m just worried.”

“Worried bout what?” Mel said as she playfully flicked water droplets at Sze.

“About what’s going on….About everyone else…Where are they?…Are they even alive?!” Yan whispered more aggressively everytime until tears choked her back. Steph placed Yan in her arms.

“I’m sure they are. I’m sure they’re still out there…fighting like we are.” There was a pause. Realising that Steph’s attention was now elsewhere, Yan followed her gaze. Mel and Sze copied and there, slumped lazily on the ground were eleven lanky PLC uniform clad figures, cuffed to the balcony rail.


“Do you think we’ll get out of this alive?” Grace lifelessly asked. The question hit me like a ton of elephants. I knew that she wanted to hear a ‘yes’, but 80% of me disagreed.

“OF COURSE WE WILL!” Jess yelled angrily. I could tell she didn’t want any pessimistic opinions from us.

As Grace and I hid our shame of nearly giving up, Jess gathered our uncuffed hands together. Holding our hands was Jess’s way of saying that we were in this together. It wasn’t enough to stop me from worrying, but it was enough to make me feel secure.

“If I die, I want my casket to be topped with pink fluffy flowers. It would make me seem like a bright, cheerful person!” Ainslie exclaimed to Susanne.

“Ah! There’s a bug on my shoe. Should I kill it? Hmm…maybe I should use this twig to squash it.” Katrina rambled to herself.

“Its only a no-chips diet.”

“Its still a diet! Diet restricts you from food. NO! NO DIET!” Wei minn angrily demanded as she bashed her cuffed hand on the rail. I could tell Yasmin and Wei minn still hadn’t finished their conversation from this morning.

“Russia has a terribly corrupted political system. I don’t understand how the Russians go on about their daily lives allowing President Putin’s disgusting behaviour.” I immediately zoned out of Wei yan, SJ and Jeena’s political debate. They were geniuses at work.

“I believe this is yours…” Alarmed, I realized that someone was suddenly crouched behind me. Turning cautiously, I soon came in full view of a golden cross necklace.

“YAN!” I yelled. Unable to control my emotions, I hugged and drowned her in my strawberry kisses.

“Yan, your butt isn’t exactly perfume material.” Mel commented from behind.

“Uh…neither is yours.” Sze remarked from behind Mel.

“Geez guys, take your own path!” Steph said as she crawled over to Wei yan, Jeena and SJ. Soon surprised and eager voices could be heard, especially Mel’s, Ainslie’s and Susanne’s fast excited ramblings to each other. Yan continued to crawl over to Grace, Jess and Yasmin, who greeted her with more hugs and pineapple kisses. Winning shock of the decade, I laughed softly as I witnessed Sze and Wei minn exchanging feminine hugs whilst tears rolled down both their cheeks. Furthest on the other side, I saw Katrina, murmuring to the skies a prayer of thanksgiving.

Are we celebrating too early? Where else could we go from here? Up…? Or down…?

I turned away, hoping to hide away the sudden rush of tears. But as dawn broke, and the sun gradually appeared, I stopped my conscious from thinking no more. And as the sun’s warm rays hit the back of my neck, my feelings of uncertainty were replaced by an overwhelming surge of hope.

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