Chapter Seven – Kat

“So how are we going to raid the Boarding House?” SJ asked after reading what Yan Lin had written.

“Let’s just barge in there and kill them all!” Susanne yelled excitedly with vengeance.

“Then they might just kill us. They have more guns and people than we do,” Wei Yan said sensibly and rationally.

“Megan, why did you have to knock me out? Ew…I have a huge lump on my head now!” Ness complained as she stared at her reflection in the mirrors on the walls of the gym.

“Ah! Sorry! I couldn’t help it! Ah!” Megan screamed in an apologetic manner.

“Guys, let’s get back to the problem here!” Yan Lin yelled across the gym to where Ness was standing with Megan.

Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea. Well, I thought it was brilliant because my brain was hurting after all that strenuous thinking. “Guys, I have an idea,” I said loudly over the chatter hoping that everyone could hear me. Even if not everyone, someone at least.

No one heard me. I tried to talk a lot louder. “Guys? I have an idea!”

“Oo! Let’s hear it!” Grace said eagerly.

I looked around me at the eager faces. Weiminn looked like a gold fish and I saw a bit of drool hanging off the corner of her mouth. I took a deep breath hoping that everyone wouldn’t shoot down my idea. “Ok, well, I was thinking, why don’t we distract them and lure them out somehow then maybe people can kill them and others raid the Boarding House as we are distracting the people outside. Like, the people who raid will also have to get weapons, incase they come across any bad people,” I stopped talking and listened to the silence. Everyone was probably waiting for me to keep going on with my stupid idea.

Unfortunately, that was all my brain had produced so I then said to everyone, “Uh yeah…that’s all I’ve got…haha..ha…” and I weakly laughed.

“Okay…so how do we distract them and lure them out?” Ainslie asked breaking the silence.

As everyone was discussing how to get the psycho opium dealers out of the Boarding House I was just sitting and thanking God that my friends hadn’t thought that I had gone crazy.

“Let’s make bombs!” someone yelled out disrupting me from my silent prayer.

“How do we make them?” Jess asked.

“Oo…let’s just mix chemicals,” Grace said answering her husband.

“My wife is so smart!” Jess exclaimed happily.

I had another idea, however, if I said it, I knew that I would bear the title of “PLC NERD” forever. Well, either that or, “possibly-mentally-unstable-gorilla”. Oh, who cares what they call me, just tell them! I thought fiercely to myself.

“Uh, guys? I know how to make a smoke bomb?” I said trying to sound confident, but I ended up sounding totally unsure of myself.

“Huh? Really? Cool?” Melanie said with a huge smile of thrill.

“Uh…yeah, I sorta got bored in the holidays…and I searched on Google to find out how you made bombs…err…err…” I said making the face that I always do when I feel like running away from an uncomfortable situation.

“Wah! Nerd! Nerd!” Weiminn screamed pointing at me, “I can’t believe you researched on how to make bombs in the holidays! You are such a nerd!”

“Wei, shut up and let her talk. Kat talk,” Susanne scolded impatiently.

“Er…yeah…I just need ping pong balls, foil and um…matches or a lighter. Um…can someone come with me to find them?” I asked looking around for a volunteer.

“Ok, yeah, I’ll go with you,” Wei Yan said jumping up.

“Me too! Guy’s wait up!” Ainslie shouted as she hurried to catch up with Wei Yan and I.

As we left, we could hear the others talking about how to kill and injure the bad guys with javelin sticks and softball bats.

“There’s foil in the PE staff room and probably matches. Let’s go there first and look for the ping pong balls after,” Ainslie suggested wisely.

We ran into the PE staff room and search hastily for our items. We rummaged through the fridge grabbing all the foil we could find. Then we each search the millions of cupboards they had in the room for matches and more foil.

“Hey! I found some matches and 5 lighters!” Wei Yan cried out happily waving the objects in the air.

“And I found more foil,” I said showing the other two the full roll of foil that was I had found.

“Now all we need are the ping pong balls! Does anyone know where they are?” Ainslie inquired.

“Um, I think they are in the room with all the sport stuff. I think I saw them yesterday when I was here for buddy day and we decided to play tennis with Pig and stuff,” I said hoping that I was right. What would happen if they weren’t there? What would happen if we couldn’t find them? Kat, shut up! Stop thinking negative thoughts my brain said.

“Okay, well then, let’s go get them!” Wei Yan said as she ran to the room that was packed up with all the sporting goods that PLC had purchased over the years.

“Oh wait, I also remember that we have to use gloves because the foil gets really hot. Let’s just use the softball gloves,” I said remembering a slight detail that I had forgotten before.

Soon, we had gathered everything we needed and the three of us went back into the gym. Everyone was still talking but they had progressed from attacking with javelin sticks and softball bats to setting the Boarding House on fire and killing the bad guys with the guns that we had.

“Hey, guys, we have the stuff!” Ainslie yelled to get everyone’s attention.

Everyone crowed around us and looked at all the stuff we had collected.

“Oh my gosh. How many ping pong balls did PLC buy?” Melanie cried out staring at the box we had carried that contained thousands of ping-pong balls.

“Why did you guys take the softball gloves too?” Jeena asked.

“I remembered that the foil gets hot when you put fire to it so that’s why we have the gloves,” I explained.

Soon I was left to experiment with the soon-to-be smoke bombs. I picked up a ping pong ball and wrapped it up loosely with four layers of foil that were 7 inches by 7 inches (I used Sze’s ruler to measure them). I made it so that it had a little tail at the end where the smoke could come out from. Then I put on the softball gloves and held the bomb by the weird tail that I had created and tried to light the round part. Nothing happened for two minutes, until suddenly smoke started spewing out. I quickly chucked it away because I had read on the site that inhaling the gassy smoke stuff was bad for you.

“Woo hoo!” I screamed out loud with joy. It was then that I realised that we were only eight people left in the room.

I walked up to Wei Yan, Steph, Jeena, Weiminn, Yasmin, Sarah Jane and Ness. “Hey I got the smoke bomb to work. Where is everyone?” I asked as I was sat down on the ground.

“Oh they’ve gone to the change rooms in the Aquatic Centre to steal some clothes. They took some of the guns and some softball bats incase they encounter any baddies,” Yasmin explained to me.

“Oh, okay. So what are you guys doing?” I asked staring at the piece of paper that was scribbled with writing.

“Oh this is our plan. You see, we distract them with some loud noise. Maybe we can find some deodorant cans in the PE staff room and blow them up somehow. Then that gets some of the people out and we distract them with the smoke bombs. During the distraction period, a few people raid the Boarding House for food, weapons and pretty much anything else they can find. If we can, we’ll try to light a fire around them and kill them,” Jeena summarised quickly.

Suddenly we heard loud footsteps coming from the entrance of the gym. They were heavy and quick. We all grabbed the nearest weapon and aimed at the entrance to the gym. I was holding a tiny pistol that reminded me of the tiny little gun that Will Smith used in “MIB” but twice as large. I gripped my small pistol with my disgustingly sweaty hands and hoped that I would be able to kill or injure a bad guy without fainting from the sight of all the blood gushing out everywhere. Then out of the blue we someone cry out, “Ew…Megan you are so gross!”

The people remaining in the gym dropped their guns ran to them. We mobbed them and grabbed the clothes from them. Everyone started talking at once. I saw Ainslie jabbering away to Susanne, Steph reuniting with her clan, and everyone else just talking and trying on clothes.

“Those people in the change rooms were weird. They kept telling gay jokes,” Grace told me.

“What jokes?” I asked wondering how gay the jokes were.

“There was this weird one that went like, how do u fit 4 gay guys on a stool? Turn it upside down,” Grace replied making a weird face.

“I thought you meant gay as in stupid, not gay as in homosexual,” I said feeling slightly confused.

“Oh, I meant both,” Grace laughed as she chucked some clothes towards me, “These were the smallest we could find. Hope they can fit your small manly body.”

I tried them on in the toilets and found that they were a size to big. I rolled up the pants a lot so they would stay up and so I wouldn’t step on them incase I had to make a speedy get away.

A couple of hours later, we had planned out attack fully. We were first going to blow up the deodorant cans and make a bomb with one of my asthma puffers. Then Megan, Sze and Susanne would light up the pre-made smoke bombs. Weiminn, Yan Lin and Ainslie would then chuck the smoke bombs and kill anyone that came near themselves and their partners in crime. Jeena, Melanie and Steph would keep an eye on the doors to the Boarding House and shoot anyone if they tried to go back in. If too many men were going to go back in then they would spray deodorant at the entrance and light it with a match. Then during the whole distraction period, Grace, Wei Yan, Jess and I would be raiding the Boarding House. We made Sarah Jane, Yasmin and Vanessa stay back to guard the PE centre. Vanessa had passed out again after being knocked out and so we made SJ and Yasmin look after her. We also didn’t want to pollute their still innocent minds.

Since it was fairly dark we were able to hide fairly well. We went into our positions. Grace, Wei Yan and I huddled together with Melanie, Steph and Jeena who were hiding behind some bins. Megan and Weiminn we hiding behind a tree, Sze and Yan Lin had climbed a tree and Susanne and Ainslie were in the Maintenance Building.

We were waiting for Steph, Melanie and Jeena to blow up a deodorant can. They had decided to blow it up in the bin because it would be safer and it might sound louder. Well, that’s what Steph had said anyway and we all believed her because she’s smart.

Soon there was a loud explosion and a lot of smoke gushed out of the bin. We heard some footsteps come towards the entrance.

All of a sudden, Grace grabbed Wei Yan, Jess and I and pulled us towards the Boarding House door.

“Hey, what are you doing? It’s not time yet,” I whispered loudly to Grace.

“Shh, just follow me,” she whispered back. Then she ran down the corridor passing five people who were running towards the entrance. Then we heard another beautiful deodorant bomb go off. Then she ran into the dining room where at least fifty people were eating and screamed “Someone’s bombing us! There’s a traitor in the group!”

All the psycho opium people instantly got up and ran out the door grabbing their guns with them just as a third deodorant bomb went off. Steph, Jeena and Melanie had done a fantastic job. I felt so proud of them.

“C’mon guys, lets just grab some food and stick it into Sze’s bag,” Wei Yan said grabbing some bread rolls from the many plates in the room. Grace, Jess and I followed her and stuffed Sze’s bag with food.

“Hey! What are you kids doing here?” a loud female voice said piercing the darkness. I heard Jess scream her vulture scream right after I aimed my gun at the woman and shot her in the…erm…well, the lower region. Her eyes looked glassy and I realised that I had accidentally killed her.

“We have to run before the other people come running in here! I’m sure someone heard the gun shot!” Wei Yan yelled and sprinted to the dining room exit. Grace and Jess followed her, but I stood there in shock. I had just killed a person. Grace ran back and grabbed my hand and I tried to think about something else. I started hoping that our friends were doing fine outside and that they hadn’t been found or killed.

We ran around the Boarding House and soon found the section where the Boarder’s slept. Grace and Wei Yan just started crying out down the corridor, “Hurry! Someone is bombing us! There is a traitor in the group!”

All the doors opened and a stampede of people started running out. The four of us decided to split up into groups of two to look for weapons and other useful things. The happily married UC couple went together so Wei Yan and I went into a room to search for some weapons. As we entered the room we were faced with two boys who looked our age staring back at us.


“Megan, hurry up with the smoke bomb already!” Weiminn whispered impatiently.

“Wei, I’m trying my hardest okay? Just chill for a bit,” Megan whispered back. Megan held the lighter under the foil-covered ball just as Katrina had told her to. She had practiced with two and they both had worked fine. There’s probably something wrong with this one she thought.

“Wei, can you just find a stone and chuck it at someone’s head?”

“Er…ok…” Weiminn said as she searched for a stone near the tree, “I found one…but it’s more like a rock.”

“Oh that’s ok, that’ll probably knock the person down then,” Megan replied as she tried to light up another smoke bomb.

“Okay, here I go…” Weiminn chucked the rock and soon the both of them heard a lock thud. Then a rush of feet.

“Wei, what’s going on?” Megan asked as she handed Weiminn another smoke bomb to chuck at the psychotic terrorists.

“Well, they are just gathering around some person I just knocked down…yeah, that’s it,” she answered as she chucked the smoke bomb. “Oh now I see someone of them choking from the smoke.”

“I hope the others are okay,” Megan said as she went to light another smoke bomb feeling like an arsonist in training.


“I wish I could use a machine gun right now,” Sze said to Yan as they sat in the tree.

“Okay…but we could never get it up this tree,” Yan replied as she chucked a smoke bomb.

“Yeah. Oh well, this is fun!”

“Hey, can I have a go?”

“Yeah sure,” Sze said as she handed the lighter and some of the smoke bombs to Yan.

All of a sudden they heard a loud thud. Both of them saw a group of people huddling around this one person who had fallen over.

“Shit, I wonder what happened there,” Yan said as she passed the smoking smoke bomb to Sze.

“Look’s like someone got knocked down. Hey, maybe I can try and hit some person with this smoke bomb…oh yeah! Got him in the head,” Sze whispered to Yan happily.

“Hey look, the door way is going up in flames. I hope Grace, Jess, Wei Yan and Kat are okay in the Boarding House,” Yan whispered pointing out the blazing door way to Sze.

“Yeah, I hope they found a machine gun too,” Sze replied chucking another smoke bomb that ended up landing on someone’s head.

The person started screaming as Sze and Yan tried to not fall of the tree from silent laughter.


“Suz, stop playing with the fire! Someone might see!” Ainslie whispered loudly to Susanne who was playing with the lighter.

“Eee! This is fun! Hey, let’s light this can of gas and blow up the people!” Susanne said excitement showing up on her face as she grabbed one.

“Suz shut up! Don’t talk so loud. We are not going to blow up the cans of gas because we might blow up our friends,” Ainslie said grabbing the gas can away from Susanne.

Then a loud explosion went off and the both of them saw some smoke flying through the air and three people running into the Boarding House.

“Susanne, light up the bomb now,” Ainslie whispered loudly.

“Wee! This is fun!” Susanne squealed with glee.

“Suz, shut up! I don’t want to get killed!” Ainslie said again with more force.

“Sorry, here chuck the bomb,” Susanne said handing over the bomb to Ainslie.

Ainslie chucked it, but it didn’t go very far. “Ew… I can’t throw,” she complained to Suz.

“Then let’s get a bit closer,” Susanne said. She seized Ainslie and hauled her to some bushes. However Ainslie was a bit preoccupied with two tall dark macho figures coming towards them. She grabbed her gun and shot into the dark just when another deodorant bomb went off. She saw the two figures collapse onto the ground.

“Hey, Suz, I’ll be right back, I’m just gonna get some stuff,” Ainslie whispered before she ran to the two withering bodies on the ground to collect their weapons.

“Yeah, yeah,” Suz said not noticing anything Ainslie said because she was too enraptured with the lighter and the smoke bombs that she had in her hands.


“Hey, did the others go already?” Jeena whispered softly to Melanie and Steph. “I think so. Weren’t they supposed to go once we got the majority of the psychos out of the Boarding House?” Steph asked with a confused look on her face. “Oh well, they are all pretty smart. I’m sure they didn’t do anything that dumb,” Melanie answered as she put a second deodorant can in the bin. “Yeah that’s true,” Jeena said as she chucked another match into the bin and covered her ears. A huge bang rang and they ducked just in time to see a crowd of people running out to see what was going on. “…someone’s bombing us…” “…traitors around here…” A loud thud scared all of them and luckily Melanie didn’t scream. Jeena peeked out carefully to see what had happened. She saw a person lying on the ground with blood pouring out of their head. A group of people had gathered around them some of the people were going back inside. Jeena turned back to tell the other two what had happened, but she only found herself looking at Melanie. Steph was no where to be found.

“Mel, where’d Steph go?” Jeena whispered feeling terrified.

“I don’t know. I thought she was behind me the whole time,” Mel answered panicky.

Jeena and Melanie sat there not knowing what to do.


Steph suddenly realised that deodorant wouldn’t start a nice big fire by the doorway. They would have to use something else, but what? What could she get in the Boarding House that would start a nice fire? Then it came to her. Oil. Cooking oil from the dining room. She ran quickly into the Boarding House and into the dining room. She stepped over a dead woman and ran to find some oil in the kitchens. After rummaging for a while in the cupboards, she found a nice tin of oil and carried it with her. Once she got back outside, she poured some oil near the entrance of the doorway to the Boarding House just as she heard another deodorant bomb go off and ran back to the other two.

“Where were you?” Mel hissed.

“Sh! I just went to get some oil,” Steph whispered showing the other two the tin of oil she was carrying.

“Why did you go get oil? You worried us to death,” Jeena whispered back.

“Oh, I’m sorry guys, but I thought that oil would burn better than deodorant. I think we should light it now before any of those people go back in,” and with that, Steph took the matches and lit the oil.

“Schizen! Was ist das?” a high female voice piped up.

“What the hell? There is a traitor out here!” a lower voice said.

“Good going Steph,” Jeena whispered as the opium psychos argued loudly over what to do.

“Thanks,” Steph replied and the three of them sat there quietly hoping that they wouldn’t be found out.


“I hope the others are ok,” Sarah Jane said to Yasmin.

“I’m sure they are. How long has Vanessa been lying on the ground for?”

“I don’t know. Maybe an hour or so.”

Both of them sat in silence for awhile staring at Vanessa who had passed out an hour before.

“I hope no opium people come in here,” Yasmin said breaking the silence.

“Well, if they do we have all these weapons to protect ourselves.”

“That’s true.”


“I’m bored. I wonder what the others are doing.”


Then they sat in silence again wishing that they could be part of the raiding of the Boarding House and hoping that everyone else come back. Alive.


“Hey Grace! Let’s go in here!” Jess ran into the room at the end of the corridor that housed six three bunk beds.

“Wow, look at all this stuff!” Grace said staring at all the weapons in awe. She started daydreaming about the day when she would become a professional assassin. “Let’s take it!” she said grabbing as many guns as she could.

“Hey Grace! Look! I found some bulletproof vests! Oo and some dynamite!” Jess said as she took the items and jammed them into Sze’s bag.

“I can’t believe there are so many weapons in here! My dream of being an assassin is coming true! I can be a stylish assassin!”

Their weapon collecting was stopped when they heard two loud thuds further down in the hallway. They both looked at each other and said “Kat and Wei!”

Then they ran down the hall and gasped.


“Who are you?” one of the boys asked. He had black hair.

“Er…who are you?” I answered back.

“I am Manfred and he is Itchy. We are from Shadowblade,” Manfred replied.

I started to laugh silently. Itchy? Who would name their son Itchy?

“What’s so funny?” Itchy asked us angrily.

I looked at Wei Yan and we both just cracked up laughing. Then Wei Yan grabbed the softball bat she was carrying and whacked both of them in the head. They both fell to the floor with a loud thud.

“Wei Yan! What did you do that for?” I screamed looking at the two bodies lying on the ground.

“Well, we can keep them as hostages and get them to tell us information,” she replied trying to carry and drag Itchy out the door.

I grabbed Manfred and we both staggered out into the corridor.

“Guys are you ok? Who are they?” Grace and Jess asked running towards us.

“Er, Wei Yan knocked them out and we are going to take them hostage,” I said grabbing Manfred’s arms and dragging him down the hallway. I realised that he had really bad BO.

“Yeah, they can tell us how to use the radio transmitters and stuff,” Wei Yan replied as she pulled Itchy down the stairs by his feet.

“Hey do you guys smell smoke?” Grace asked as we got closer to the exit.

“Yes…oh my gosh! They had to burn the entrance way…we have to get out via Hethersett Lawn or something,” I cried as I switched to Wei Yan’s method of dragging people by their legs.

We ran as fast as we could possibly manage to the exit and once we got outside, everyone collapsed onto the grass except for Jess who didn’t carry or drag anything at all. “Let’s go get the others now,” Jess said jumping around happily.

“Uh, you and Grace go and Kat and I will tie up our hostages in the PE centre,” Wei Yan said tiredly.

Grace got up and went with Jess to tell the others to come back. How they were going to do that, I had no idea, but that wasn’t my concern for the moment being.

“Wei, how are we gonna get these guys into the PE centre?” I asked rubbing my sore arm muscles.

“I dunno…the same way we got them out of here?” Then she stood up and dragged her hostage by the armpits and moved to the PE centre.

I did the same and before I knew it, we were reuniting with Yasmin and Sarah Jane. Vanessa was still unconscious and lying on a mat.

Approximately 15 minutes later, everyone else joined us and there was a huge commotion as we tried to tell each other our stories.

“I chucked a rock at some guy’s head!” Weiminn cried out.

“That was you? Cool!”

“Hey, did you guys get my machine gun?” Sze asked.


“Suz! Stop playing with the lighter!”

“Hey who are these two guys?”

“They are our hostages,” Wei Yan replied looking at the two guys that we had tied up.

“Hey, whoever is on lookout duty must also make sure these two guys don’t run away,” I added.

“Why are they here?” Megan asked.

“Wei, you explain,” I said as I lay down on a mat.

“Well, we keep them as hostage and we get them to tell us how to use the radio transmitters and stuff like that,” Wei Yan explained to everyone.

“Er…how do we get them to tell us stuff?” Ainslie asked.

“Hey! Maybe we can torture them…or get someone to seduce them…” I replied.

“Ew! That’s just sick!” Weiminn cried out.

“Hey, what am I doing here? Who are you?” a voice suddenly cried out. I looked and I saw Itchy struggling in his seat. Everyone else stared. He stared back and started to scream.

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