About Me


One of my greatest laments is that life is so short. I mean, just an eyeblink ago, I was turning three (see photo above^), delighted by my sugar-sprinkled cake and perplexed by all the fuss. And now, here I sit, twenty-something years on, allegedly a mature adult, hairstyle largely unchanged.

I lament that life is too short and too limited to fully experience what it is to be human. I look around and I see thousands of other people living out their private existences, and I know I’ll never be able to see the world through any eyes other than my own. I visit libraries and brush my fingers over the tempting spines of hundreds of books—more books than I could read if I had thirteen lives and nothing else to do. I walk through foreign cities, marvelling at the history locked away in every brick and cobblestone, struggling to wrap my head around the events that have taken place on the ground on which I tread, going back a thousand and a thousand thousand years, fading back into the echoes of the past.

I feel hungry, and curious, and delighted, and impatient at life. And so this blog is a dedication to a maxim, of sorts: to learn, and wonder at, as much as I can, during my brief span upon the earth. I want to hear stories and marvel at other people’s creations. I want to explore invented worlds. I want to relive histories, both through the pages of a book and through travels. I want to taste and listen. I want to laugh and meet and connect. I want to expand beyond the blinkers of my set path.

The more I look around, the more I find there is to explore and delight in. The world, and time, and the human mind, is so big and wobbly and complex. I find that even the smallest things are wondrous, and that, if you look closely enough, everything really is magic.


Check out some of my posts about…


What is your name?

Grace, though I operate under numerous aliases.

What do you like to do?

  • read books and watch movies and make uneducated comments on style, grammar, evocative themes, characterisation and generally where they sit on the Boring-to-Orgasmic Scale
  • write stories, mostly about whimsy and fantasy, but sometimes about life and love. Or are they all the same…?
  • update you on the fascinating minutiae of my life (“Today I finally dislodged that piece of food from my back molar…”)
  • reflect about working in medicine and mental health
  • drop in occasional references to Star Wars

Favourite words…

Wicked, nascent, loon, abbreviate;
hullaballoo, candle, deviant, howl.
Braggadocio, machismo, truculent.

What do you wish was the theme song of your life?

California Gurls.





  1. SONIC SCREW DRIVER ?! Does it work ? X-D I LOVE IT ! I WANT ONE ;-DDD Haha, I didn’t know you are a Doctor Who fan.

    ps. Yes you do look like a bit of a freak but luckily the snuggly blue blanket looks good on you and vice versa ;-P


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