Day Three (or really, day two), + Book Review: Ender’s Game – The Graphic Novel

Reading: Before Watchmen – Nite Owl/Dr Manhattan
Listening: CMA – Caught In Our Thoughts
Watching: BBC’s Wonders of the Universe; waiting for the other half to have free time so we can catch up on Korra and Elementary
Playing: Nothing over the past few days

Day Three of my six month journey of writing! Or technically, day two…because yesterday I had a job interview and didn’t achieve much in between that and physiotherapy and outdoor soccer training. So yesterday will be one of my “weekend” days and I’ll work a full day on Saturday or Sunday to make up for it.

What difficulties have I encountered so far?

1. Waking up

I always have difficulty with this. Especially in winter. I suspect my body is somewhat related to a polar bear, because I tend to adopt hibernation behaviours in cold weather. I’m pretty sure, if you left me to it, I could sleep three-quarters of the day away. Unfortunately I’m not one of those lucky people who are able to thrive on a few hours of sleep (and now it seems there’s a genetic association for it!) though I really wish I was. Imagine the productivity! In fact, my utter inability to function without adequate sleep has definitely been a factor, amongst other things, in pushing me away from specialties such as Emergency Medicine and surgery.

Despite my love of the bed, I am actually a morning person and achieve the most before 12 noon. So, the alarm has been going off at 7.30am.

2. The Melbourne cold

I haven’t yet got so sick of my house that I have had to relocate to a cafe or library. But the downside is that my house is freezing. My weapons of defense? Fluffy pink socks and a trusty beanie.

IMG_20140806_115729 IMG_20140806_115646

3. The afternoon slump

Hits around 2pm. I yawn and can think of nothing but a pillow against my cheek. My techniques for handling the slump so far have included switching activities—for example, switch from story-outlining to blogging; doing 10 push-ups (the most I can achieve); going for a short walk.

4. Facebook

Hasn’t been as much of a problem yet as I’d feared. Will update if this changes.

On to the book review!

ender's game

Yesterday I finished the graphic novel adaptation of Ender’s Game, scripted by Christopher Yost and artwork by Pasqual Ferry. It’s a collection of Ender’s Game: Battle School #1-5 and Command School #1-5, which basically covers the events of the original novel by Orson Scott Card: An impending second war looms between humans and their enemies, the bug-like alien Formics. To prepare for this, the army is seeking the most gifted child to mould into a deadly commander. Andrew “Ender” Wiggin is taken to Battle School in the hope that he can become this commander.

The graphic novel is a reasonably faithful adaptation of the book, covering all the main events in a condensed way. It’s a great introduction to the story if you’re new to Ender’s Game, and also an enjoyable alternative medium if you’re already a fan. There isn’t anything new or surprising.

The art style is clean and futuristic. Ferry’s linework conveys movement fluidly. The colours are sombre and evocative of the gloomy interiors of the spaceships. The Battle Room scenes are well illustrated and fun to flick through.

Overall, the graphic novel conveys the main emotions of the book fairly well, though the resolution seemed rushed and only offered a superficial skimming-over of Ender’s reaction to the final battle. I also feel as though they left out a major part of the ending.

A quick and easy graphic novel read that can be a great introduction to a controversial science fiction classic.

Happy hump day, everyone!


Day One. D-Day. Determination. Hermit Life.

Reading: Ender’s Game – The Graphic Novel
Listening: James Vincent McMorrow  – Cavalier (Samuraii Remix)
Watching: Korra Season 3, Elementary
Playing: To the Moon…very slowly

And so it begins! Today is the first day of my six months of “non-participation in the workforce”—according to my dear brother, I am not technically “unemployed”, because I am choosing not to have a job. Thanks, Mr. Pedantic! (In all seriousness, he could very much lay claim to that name.) Here’s to six months of watching my savings dwindle away. Here’s to six months of living the hermit life. I am both tremendously excited and a wee bit nervous. Make that a whole lot nervous. A wee lot nervous?

Over the next few months, I will aim to keep to a dedicated schedule. Wake up at 7.30am or so. Work from roughly 8:30am to 5pm without too many long breaks. Work consists of brainstorming, researching, planning, writing, finding ‘inspiration’, blogging, and hopefully, more writing. In the evenings: work on my online courses, play soccer, socialise (that foreign concept), read, watch TV shows, play games, get further inspired. I haven’t yet worked out the weekends. They might be a shorter half-day of work: perhaps 3-4 hours in the mornings, if my creative brain isn’t feeling wrung out by then.

My poor sad ankle isn’t still fully recovered from the battering it received on the futsal court two months ago. It looks like what started out as a Grade 2 ligament tear of the ATFL (ligament on the lateral side of the ankle) has progressed into a tendinopathy of the tibilis posterior and also of the peroneus longus and brevis—basically, the tendons/muscles around both sides of my ankles. My foot and ankle ache after even a brief stint of running. It got me pretty glum at first. I guess I’ll just have to keep resting it, and maybe ease gradually back into 1-2 games per week.

I am still in the middle of interviews and applications, so my brain isn’t one hundred percent dissolved into holiday mode quite yet. One more interview tomorrow, and then quite possibly I am finished with trying to impress my superiors. And then I’ll have to wait another month or so to find out whether I have been accepted into the training college. The college interview on Friday didn’t go very well, so I’m feeling extremely ambivalent.

On Friday night we ate out at Meega: a tiny Korean place at the back of a Korean grocery store in Glen Waverley. We ordered sausage hot pot, ramen, rice, beef bulgogi, and two kinds of fried chicken (spicy sweet chilli; garlic and soy) between four of us, which was just the perfect amount. Since then I’ve been craving a plate of delicious japchae (Korean sweet potato noodles). Come at me!

Jap Chae


Reading back over this post, it sounds like I’m a bag of mixed emotions. Thrilled, happy, nervous, glum, stressed, and frequently hungry. But I reckon I’m mostly thrilled. I mean, who gets the chance to have six months off to write, roll around and dream of imaginary worlds? It’s a privilege and an adventure.

Here’s to the next six months! Time to put my creative hat on.


The Gap.