Thursday Tunes #001

Time for a special Thursday Tunes selection by yours truly! Here’s a selection to tide you over until the end of the working week. A couple of house tracks and a third piece that’s something different…almost out of this world :) Happy Thursday everyone.

1. Jess Glynne – Right Here

Laid-back tune from the girl who provided the vocals to Clean Bandit’s smash hit, Rather Be. Really liking her easygoing vibe, much in the same vein as Route 94’s My Love.


2. Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck

First official single from American rapper Vic Mensa, who is also responsible for the snappy freestyle sounds of When a Fire Starts to Burn.


3. Julian Kruse – Fallen From the Sky

And if you totally want to be transported to a different world, check out this amazing but little-known German artist, Julian Kruse. His sounds are ethereal.

This suggestion isn’t mine, but for an intensely atmospheric experience, open http://www.rainymood.com while you play the above song. Then close your eyes and bask.


Chill-Out Wednesday

Heck yes, it’s Wednesday night. Happy hump day, everyone. Happy half of the working week over.

I’ve been knocked out with a sports injury for seven days now, and I’ve been putting my feet up, bemoaning the agony and channelling my inner sloth. I’m watching my muscles melt into mush. I miss soccer intensely, but I suddenly have my weeknights back. It’s a strange feeling. Today I came home from work and baked a cake. And then I ate it. It tasted good.

Lemon raspberry yoghurt cake. Recipe from smittenkitchen.com

Lemon raspberry yoghurt cake. Recipe from smittenkitchen.com

Here’s a chill-out mix hand picked by yours truly, to channel more of that slothiness and laziness. A bit of deep house, a bit of trance, a lot of mellowness. Hope you enjoy!

1. Delcroix & Delatour – Walking


2. Veuve – Stay


3. Climbers – Equal Responsibility


4. Alex Cheatle – Sweet Loving (ft. Star Slinger & Flume)


5. London Grammar – Hey Now (Arty Remix)

Top 6 Happiest, Poppiest Remixes to Brighten Your Day

Good morning world!

OK, so my original intention was to make this a Top 5 list…but I couldn’t bring myself to cut any of the following six songs out. So here you go! Six fantastic remixes that never fail to make me tap my toes, bop, sing along and smile crazily at the world.

There will always be disagreements about genre, but to me these are all songs that have some “pop” elements – an upbeat tempo, light vocals and catchy melodies.

1. Fly – Protohype ft. Alina Renae (Louis the Child Remix)

Louis the Child’s signature cheerful, poppy sounds + Alina Renae’s vocal stylings + lyrics that will make you want to punch the air = a great song to start the day


2. Idea of Happiness – Van She (Robotaki remix)

I love Robotaki‘s style. He makes stuff that’s funky and laid back and happy. This is one of my favourites.


3 . Miami 82 – Syn Cole (Fusq Remix)

There are so many remixes of Miami 82 out there, not least of them being Avicii’s, which helped Syn Cole gain attention. I’ve been a fan of other stuff by Fusq (previously Fusk Asker), and I think his remix is wonderfully catchy. Also make sure you check out the original vocal mix and the more chill and groovy Jerry Folk remix.


4. Duck Sauce – NRG (Skrillex, Kill the Noise, Milo & Otis remix)

This song. So much NRG. So pumpy. Yes. Good.


5. DJ – Alphabeat (Madeon Remix)

Madeon, boy genius. I have probably listened to this song a hundred times, but every time that intro starts, and that dude sings “something I can dance to…” – how can I disobey? This song is a classic in my books.


6. Oh Be Clever – Next to You (Elephante Remix)

After listening to the lyrics closely, I realised this song might be about a crazy stalker. I still love it though.

Merry Friday to all :)

Artist to watch: ZHU


Faded was the first track I heard from this relative newcomer, and I was instantly blown away by his grunge-y, mellow sound. I had the tune on replay for hours.

Since appearing on the music scene a few months ago, ZHU has ridden a wave of surging popularity. After releasing a couple of samples like his mash-up “Moves Like Ms Jackson“, and the singles Faded, Paradise Awaits and Superfriends, he’s quickly put out his full Nightday EP and made his followers very happy.

ZHU’s intrigue might be fuelled by the fact that he’s so mysterious. All I managed to dig up about this guy was that his name is possibly Steven Zhu and he’s based out of Los Angeles/San Francisco. But with taglines like “Music is Faceless” and “let my music tell my story” and the fact that he’s kept his face hidden…has ZHU tapped into the secret to success in our celebrity-saturated world?

His logo—three brisk stripes of white paint on a black background, a Z made into a semblance of a flag—is enigmatic. The artwork for his songs generally features long-legged girls behind a haze of smoke. His music is growling and bass-heavy, mixed in with lighter disco elements, and haunting vocals.

Given how quickly his name has spread around, I have no doubt ZHU is one to keep an eye on in upcoming months.

Check out ZHU’s Nightday EP at Soundcloud.