Short Stories

Algernon Fluewhistle

Governor Max Finch needs the best of the best to kill the Grindiron Beast. Little does he know that the renowned robot-killer Algernon Fluewhistle is a skinny fifteen-year-old kid in yellow gumboots. This is a story about how little boys really are evil. Don’t take it too seriously.

The Artist and the Rich Man: A Short Story in Three Parts

Two men from opposite sides of the world, one the son of a wealthy Hungarian businessman, the other a Chinese artist, meet by accident and fall into conversation. Realising that they are each living the other’s dream, they decide to swap identities.

A Creature Called Weariness

Celia Sonderegger encounters a strange, grey gentleman at the end of Platform Two.

El Cox and the Ninth Floor Monster

George discovers a foul creature lurking in the plumbing system of an office building. There’s only one monster catcher they can call on to save the day…

Fifty Years From Now

In the future, I am a wrinkled old woman in a nursing home and my life is dimming before my eyes. The world has been handed over to a new generation of girls. Beautiful, plastic, sad girls.

Groundhog Hour

Cliff gets stuck in an infinite time-loop in which he gets a call from his wife, flirts with a coworker, takes a dump and deals with an exploding computer…over and over and over again.

I Found Insignificance

Taffy Cadogan hitches rides from motel to motel in across outback Australia. He’s got fifty-three dollars in his pocket, the smell of rum on his clothes and a tattoo on the back of his neck–a number that will lead him back to the reason he’s on this lonely quest. Rosalind. But he can’t see her again till he figures out the meaning of life…or something like it.

The Magic Eaters

What if magic came like gold–in great glowing bricks that you could hold in your palm? Rachel gets more than she bargained for when she follows Alastair down to the river behind the school…

The Misplaced Giant

Theodore was always a bit too big for this world…


In a future where genes are distilled and information is downloaded direct into your brain, Rivka Mu seeks out an underground group led by a rebel named Dev Gambit. Is she prepared to unplug from society?


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